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  • SERENDIPITOUS SUMMER FARMS is an earth conscience skincare brand committed to minimizing waste and working with responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging.

  •  All of our balms and ointments are highly concentrated and contain No Water, No Emulsifiers and No harmful toxins.

  • Our Ingredient profiles Nourish, Protect and HEAL SKIN. Use on skin conditions such as Hyperkeratosis, Psoriasis, rashes, and Eczema. Reduces inflammation and pain in SORE MUSCLES & JOINTS.

  • Less is More When it Comes to Natural Healing. Essential Oils and Medicinal Herbs Promote Healing of Muscles, Joints, Tissue, Cartilage, and Skin.  

  • Truly Organic and Handpoured

  • Special Plants like comfrey REGENERATES cartilage, and tissues while RELIEVING PAIN & INFLAMMATION due to arthritis, disease and injury. Wonderful for post-surgery healing!

  • Our herbs are harvested from our permaculture beds right here nestled in the Ozark Foothills of Bella Vista Arkansas.

  • From the garden to our finished product...we are passionately involved. Our products join your body with nature's plants in harmony. The body is designed to heal itself. Our natural plant based ingredients assist the body's own healing abilities.

Live Happy

Carefully choosing the perfect balance of herbs and essential oils in our recipes is the key to satisfied customers. 


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Made In The USA

Our products are all Made In The USA and our herbs are grown and harvested on our Arkansas farm.


Our products & ingredients are all 100% natural, and nothing is Genetically Modified.

Hand Made

So much pride and detail goes into every step of our handmade process. From the garden... to our finished product, we are passionately involved. 

Beyond Organic

Our farm uses a self contained system including permaculture practices and beyond organic farming methods. Healing OUR planet is #1. Healing you is just a serendipitous By-Product!




When we inhale an essential oil molecule, it travels through the nasal passage to a receptor neuron that transports it up to the limbic brain. The limbic center in your brain is responsible for controlling all the physical, psychological, and emotional responses that your body performs. Thus, making them a powerful tool in treating many health ailments.


Soothes. Heals. Restores.

  SOOTHES. Our salves contain many natural pain relieving plants and oils to instantly give you relief.

 HEALS. Most topical medications just treat the symptoms of a disease or ailment, but our products use therapeutic herbs such as Comfrey, Calendula, Yarrow, and Plantain to HEAL the body.

RESTORES.Our products aid in cell regeneration and in many cases are able to help your body regain mobility and vitality! Restoring the body to a more youthful state.


Safe and Effective

Our lotions, balms, and salves are made without harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Our products join your body with nature's plants in harmony. The body is designed to heal itself. Our natural plant based ingredients assist the body's own healing abiilties. 

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