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Comfrey, right, drying on the farm's front porch.

COMFREY may be one of the medical profession’s best kept secrets,

but it was no secret thousands of years ago when the Greeks

and Romans used it’s roots for wounds, ulcerations, infections,

inflammations, and swellings. Poultices of COMFREY root were

applied to aching, rheumatic joints...and it was sometimes called

“knitbone” because of its reputed success in healing broken bones.

Herbal lore reports COMFREY was used to help sooth burns, scalds,

bruises, as a remedy for coughs, bronchitis, and chest complaints.

Rural Germans still take it for kidney stones and the English swear

by it for gout—even aching feet! In southern Russia, where it is

not unusual to see inhabitants in prime health at the respected

age of 100 or more, the natives absolutely refuse to do without Comfrey!

Comfrey drying on the farm's front porch

   A note about Comfrey:

Although this herb is known for its medicinal values and curing abilities, there are a few side effects if taken inappropriately or improperly. There have been many studies proving its safety.

But, in one study conducted with rats, a large quantity of comfrey caused pre-cancerous liver cells when injected directly into their bloodstream .

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should use caution when using any kind of Comfrey application. Keep all medicines, creams and ointments away from children. Store them at the right temperature and preserve them in an airtight container. 

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