• Super concentrated formula of Feverfew Herb. The oil obtained from this plant is one of the best-known natural remedies for frequent migraine headaches and has been studied in a variety of clinical trials by some of the top medical institutions in the world. Feverfew oil has been endorsed by the Harvard Medical School and the British Medical Journal for its efficacy in the prevention of severe, chronic migraine headaches. This adept essence is also lovely for harmonizing the lipid layer of the skin.
  • Close your eyes and feel the tension ease with the soohing aromatherapy of Lavender and Wintergreen Essential Oils
  • Treats tension headaches, migraines, sinus pressure headaches, ect. 
  • Great aromatherapy for stressful jobs and enviroments.


Headache Relief- Roller Bottle 10ml

  • Ingredients: Organic farm raised comfrey, Rice Bran Oil, MSM, Magnesium Oil, lavender and wintergreen essential oils.

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