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Organic All Purpose Salve

  • Super Concentrated. 100% Natural, Organic, Non GMO, No Mineral Oil, No Petroleum.
  • Relieves pain and inflamation due to arthritis and injury
  • Heals skin disorders such as excema
  • Great for post surgery healing
  • Safe and effective. SOOTHES. HEALS. RESTORES.
  • Relieves Joint Pain/ Sore Muscles/Bruises/Broken Bones
  • Heals Cuts/Scrapes/Rashes/Skin Disorders Such as: Ezcema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, ect.
  • Since 400 BCE, early Greek physicians used Comfrey to stop bleeding, treat bronchial problems, heal wounds, and mend broken bones.


Healing Comfrey Salve- Joint, Muscle, and Skin Healing

  • Ingredients: Organic comfrey leaves, rice bran oil, beeswax, lavender and wintergreen essential oils.

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